Home education is growing massively all over the world but its legal status in some countries is unclear. GHEX affirms that home education is a fundamental human right but, in some countries, governments are taking steps to repress home education. Even when laws recognize homeschooling rights, challenges can still exist to homeschooling – what to do? One step that has been successful is starting a legal defense organization that is equipped to advocate in the courts of law, legislature, and public opinion to defend home education. But for busy homeschool parents who are often volunteers (and may not be versed in legal or public advocacy), this may seem daunting. This GHEX sponsored webinar series will give new homeschool movements insight from decades of experience from leaders in countries that have established national legal defense organizations such as the USA, South Africa, Canada, and Russia. Hosted by HSLDA Senior Counsel and GHEX Secretary, Michael Donnelly and HSLDA Canada President and GHEX Board Member, Peter Stock. Come with questions!

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